Thursday, May 27, 2010

Show time, part 2. Rob's party

So, I'd been to press day at the Chelsea Flower Show (see previous post), I'd scuttled home to write my piece for The Independent and now it was time to pick up VP and Patientgardener from the tube station.
They were going to Chelsea the following day, and were staying with me overnight.
To celebrate, Rob had decided to hold a drinks party in his new shop, The Garden Sage, which is about 10 minutes from me by car.
The weather was fabulous on Monday and the evening was warm and sunny. Rob's shop has folding doors so it was an ideal place to wander in and out, looking at the plants and sipping Pimm's. The conversation centred around Chelsea (of course), tropical plants and GCSE biology (Julia's students are doing exams at the moment.)

This is just to prove to our American friends that we do occasionally get good weather in the UK. Clockwise from left: Julia (in the white linen trousers), Liam (Rob's business partner), Rob, Patientgardener and me (with the oh-so-fashionable orange nail varnish. That's what I tell everyone who says: "Yuk, what a lurid colour". Who cares, it covers the dirt.)

Patientgardener (aka Helen) offers Ms B (aka Barbara) a taste of her echeveria.