Saturday, May 22, 2010

A diversion to Chelsea

I was going to tell you all about Great Dixter, wasn't I? Well, I will, when I get a minute. I've been busy this week, because as well as my day job (night job, actually; I've been night-editing, which means working from 5pm to 12.30am), I've been moonlighting (or rather daylighting) at Chelsea, writing a preview piece which is in today's Independent. You can read it here.
So do forgive me if I'm a little incoherent with fatigue. I'm going back to Chelsea on press day (Monday) so I'll do a longer post about it then. In the meantime, here are some pictures to whet your appetites.
If you'd like to read a much more detailed preview, go over to Veg Plotting, where VP is discussing the latest trends, and the Eden Project show garden, Places of Change.

James Wong's garden for Tourism Malaysia - a fabulous tropical design inspired by lush rainforests

Vibrant dahlias on the Winchester Growers stand in the Great Pavilion. There's something about dahlias that makes them difficult to photograph in all their blazing glory. Or maybe it's just me..

Heucheraholics' display. They'd just started to build this, but I loved the glowing roof of Heuchera 'Sweet Tea'. Can't wait to see the finished exhibit.

Mark Gregory's garden for The Children's Society, which is designed to be a teenage hang-out, complete with plunge pool, firepit and pizza oven, where Jamie Oliver will be cooking pizza on press day. I know my kids would absolutely love it - and it's great to see something designed for older children to enjoy.