Friday, October 23, 2009

OK, here's a question for you...

Does anyone actually buy any of that gifty stuff they sell in garden centres? I'm interested to know, because so many gardeners of my acquaintance complain about the piles of tat that impede their way to the plants.
I have to admit I've often succumbed to the odd thing or two - mini lanterns for example, in which to hang a twinkling tea light from a tree, or perhaps some hand cream or hand scrub. I might even have bought a citronella candle to keep bugs at bay.
But I have never bought a china figurine, or jewellery, or a fluffy toy, or a photograph frame. Indeed, being confronted with piles of this sort of stuff tends to put me off the store - it gives me the impression, however unjust, that they're not really serious about selling plants.
Yet the big garden centres say this stuff is very popular with customers and plays a vital role in their profit margins.
What do you think?