Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Blogging for Benjamin

One of the blogs I've followed almost from the moment I started my own is The Deep Middle, by Benjamin Vogt. Of those of us who contribute to the clamorous world of cybercommunication, he is more entitled than many to call himself a writer. He has a doctorate, he is a poet and author, and - of course - he is a gardener, architect of a gorgeous vision that his followers have seen develop from a bare backyard to a billowing mass of flowers that delights the soul and supports colonies of Monarch butterflies.
As you might expect from a poet, Benjamin feels passionately about things. I may not always agree with his views, but I never find his blog boring; it is always intriguing, challenging, enchanting. His comments on my blog are wry, funny and - in sad times - full of sympathy.
So I feel the least I can do is to join the chorus of publicity for his latest book, a poetry collection entitled Without Such Absence.
Indeed, mention of the book is long overdue on this blog, for the deadline to win a free copy is only two days away, on 3 September. You can also buy a copy, and pay only $1 shipping (I assume this is in mainland US only). My feeble excuse for this tardiness is my garden open day, which has taken up nearly all my spare time over the past few weeks.
So many apologies, Dr Vogt, and good luck.