Saturday, July 16, 2011

Welcome home, Luigi! Our new kitten arrives

We picked up our new kitten today. He is a blue Abyssinian and his official pedigree name is Kazizkatz George Burns, but we're going to call him Luigi.
Regular readers will recall we were supposed to get two kittens. Well, we are - but the other kitten, Mario, has had an accident and broken his leg. So he's going to stay with the breeder for another four to six weeks while it heals.
Luigi miaowed all the way home in the car. I felt like miaowing all the way home too - it was pouring with rain this morning and the traffic was horrendous. The journey to the breeder took an hour, but coming back took an hour and a half.
We're going to keep Luigi in the study for a couple of days while he gets used to us, then as he gets more confident, he'll have the run of the house. I don't think it will take long, though. He seems a very affectionate, playful little chap.

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