Friday, July 29, 2011

Seattle is cool...

I arrived in Seattle on a sunny afternoon, looking down from the plane at a landscape of blue sea and green trees, punctuated by mountains. After nine and a half hours in a 747, I felt the need for a walk, so after checking into the hotel, I wandered along to the shopping mall a couple of blocks away.
The first thing I saw was an Anthropologie store, and the first thing I heard was a live band playing. Everywhere I looked, people wandered in the evening sunshine with smiles on their faces. Seattle was cool, I decided.
The following day, Thursday, bloggers began to drift into town, looking forward to the Seattle fling. I know of no pleasure greater than renewing old friendships, unless it is making new ones. It was such a thrill to see Gail again, and to meet Carol and Robin for the first time.

Here are some more of the group enjoying an al fresco bowl of minestrone (and a cocktail or two) that evening. We were amused to see that the restaurant provided red fleece blankets for its customers if you wanted to sit outside. Yes, this was Seattle - and it was cool!
From left, Leslie, Kathy, Dee, Mary Ann, Carol and Gail.