Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Work, work, work (and Sir Elton John)

OMG, work!!! Just when I thought I'd got the work/life balance just about right, my job came storming back and elbowed my spare time out of the way.
So I haven't been in the garden, I haven't put my plants away for the winter (despite the fact that it is now snowing in London), and I certainly haven't been blogging on a regular basis. Gardening-wise (and work/balance-wise) I am A Complete Failure.
However, tomorrow I'm going to the Garden Media Guild Awards lunch and I'm hoping to catch up with lots of old friends.
And on Thursday I have a day off so who knows? I may even set foot in the garden. In daylight!
So what have I been doing with myself? Oh, you know, the usual. Going to work, running the newsdesk, attending editorial conference, chivvying reporters. By the way, we had a guest editor today. You may recognise him...

He was great - really, really good. Very clued-up about everything, very decisive. It was as if he'd been editing a newspaper for years.

Paula and Tracey, two of the picture desk staff, had been really excited about Elton coming in. But by the time they finished their shift, they hadn't really seen him, let alone had a chance to take a picture on their phones. So I asked him if he would mind having his photograph taken with the picture desk staff, and he said sure, get them all in. So here they all are, with their hero. I had to go too, because they were too shy to go into the conference room on their own. From left, it's Anna, me, Paula, Tracey and Gerry.
Afterwards, they all said thank you, and he said: "No, thank you, for all your hard work." Isn't that nice? As Gerry said, not a tantrum or a tiara in sight.