Monday, June 8, 2009

Pot luck

Has anyone else noticed a huge lack of nice plant pots available? Of the inexpensive variety, I mean -not those Cretan things that cost hundreds of pounds, or designer pots like those from S&B Evans which I lust after, but can't afford. Maybe it's just the garden centres near where I live, but there seems to be less and less choice and what there is, I don't happen to like.
There seems to be a big fashion for a sort of dirty terracotta (it looks like terracotta mixed with mud). Then there's the trend for lurid glazes. (I love glazed pots, but I like earthy tones such as lichen or moss. Not lilac. Or bright orange.) And there is the fad for strange shapes, such as pots that are wider at the base than at the top, or elongated in some way.
The final frustration comes when you've finally decided that perhaps you're a bit behind the times and that you might do something rather brave and buy something you wouldn't have thought of, such as a tall, striking pot in yellow or lime green. The only trouble is, you want two - and guess what! There's only one...
Perhaps it's just me. Perhaps because I've got lots of pots already, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find containers that look good with what's there already. Whatever, it's making me very grumpy.