Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Snow, Day II: Anyone for ice cream?

It's very easy, when you're trying not to skid into a neighbour's car, or sitting in a mile-long traffic jam, to lose your sense of humour about snow. That sense of childlike wonder is slowly replaced by growing frustration and bad temper. So this morning, I decided to go into the garden and try to find something that would make me smile.
I'd been looking at other UK blogs yesterday to see their snow pictures, and Easygardener at Greenforks had a lovely set, which included one showing her birdfeeders wearing little snowy hats.
My birdfeeders didn't look as if they had hats on, but these candleholders looked a bit like ice cream cones, I thought. They were given to me by a friend, Janet, and they look lovely with or without candles. When they fill with rainwater, smaller birds like blue tits drink from them, so I tend to leave them up all year round.

The bird table also looked a bit like an ice cream cone. When I was a child, there only seemed to be one sort of ice cream - Wall's ice cream. It used to come in square blocks, in special square cornets, and this picture reminded me of them. It was absolutely disgusting ice cream, I seem to recall: it put me off vanilla for life.

The suet treat feeder looked a bit like another sort of commercial ice cream, a Cornetto. I don't like Cornettos much either. Neither do the birds: they wouldn't go near it until I knocked the snow off.

And if you were feeling particularly greedy, there was a humungous ice cream shape on top of one of the terracotta urns. This looks like my favourite sort of ice cream: traditional Italian. Perhaps even coconut sorbet, which is my daughter's favourite.