Sunday, December 13, 2009

I almost forgot...

... to say that I had a post up at Encounters With Remarkable Biscuits, James Alexander-Sinclair's eclectic blog based loosely around the subject of round crumbly things (and no, you don't need to enable cookies in order to have a browse).
My feeble excuse is that I have a terrible cold and have been busy at work. I'm so late in telling you about it, indeed, that my post has now been superseded by VP's recipe for Chocolate Spice Cookies. Much more interesting, if you ask me.
While we're on the subject of updates, a couple of my favourite bloggers have had revamps recently.
Rob, who is practically a neighbour of mine here in south-west London, has redesigned his blog, Mutterings in the Shrubbery and Jodi has spruced up her blog, Bloomingwriter, in time for Christmas.
Jodi is not a neighbour of mine, unfortunately, since she is based in Nova Scotia. But I bet at this time of the year she wishes she was based in south-west London...
Jodi has been writing her blog for four years and was wondering whether to keep going or not. However, she has heeded the heartrending pleas from around the world and decided that she will stay with us for a bit longer. Hurray!
It's difficult to know, when you write a blog, who is paying attention. Most of us have a group of ... well, I think of them as friends, who comment regularly. And some people, but not me, track their blog stats and find out what is bringing the traffic and out. I don't because I don't know how, and I've decided I can live without knowing.
Unlike Esther, who I think has turned commenting into an art form, I am not the world's best commenter. I often write a lengthy comment, only for it not to appear, because I haven't done something vital like the word verification. (Strangely enough, this often seems to occur late at night.)
Sometimes I don't have time to comment. Sometimes - quite often, really - I can't think of anything intelligent to say.
It doesn't mean I haven't enjoyed the post, but the blogger is not to know that. So to prevent Jodi and other talented people like her feeling unloved and unappreciated in future, I am going to make much more of an effort to comment, even if it is just to say: "Great post!"