Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Hurray for the holidays

Yay, I'm on holiday. For Ten Whole Days. This means I will be able to:
Spend time at home with my family.
Do some gardening.
Visit gardens.
In theory. In practice, I will:
Nag daughter about piano practice (she has the Big One, Grade 8, in three weeks).
Nag son about A-level revision.
Lever son out of bed each morning (morning? I'll be lucky) in order to nag son about A-level revision.
But I will make sure that I:
Go to Dorset for the weekend and visit the Knoll Gardens nursery at Wimborne.
Go on a guided tour of the flower market at New Covent Garden next Thursday (I'd never dare go on my own).
Visit Helen Yemm's garden next Saturday (she's hosting an NGS Friends event).
Take in Pashley Manor on the way to Helen Yemm's.
Remember to take my camera, and batteries, so I can take lots of pictures. Especially for Emmat.