Sunday, August 26, 2012

You know it's Garden Open day when ...

... the garden looks unnaturally tidy

 ... and that bit where you've been meaning to put down some pebbles for, ooh, years now finally has some pebbles

... and even the shed area looks neat (ha! you can't see the tottering pile of empty pots behind the bamboo!)

... and there is no rubbish, or bags of compost, or unplanted purchases, or rakes, or brooms, or other bits and pieces lying around on the patio

... (although you might find the odd cat)

... and even the self-sown tomato plant has been transformed into a thing of elegance (though I do say so myself)

... and there are burgeoning banana plants, and cannas about to come into flower

... and the black-eyed susans are waving hello. They hope to say hello to some of you too.