Monday, March 8, 2010

A baby for Lainie

Sorry, this isn't about gardening, but I suppose it's sort of about growing your own! I just wanted to celebrate the fact that our former nanny, Lainie, has had a little boy.
He's called Ted, he weighs 8lbs 6oz and he arrived at 5.45am today.
Lainie was with us for about 12 years, from when my daughter was about six months old, so she has a very dear place in our hearts. But what makes this baby really special is that Lainie and her husband have been trying for a family for years.
They've been through that long process of heartache and disappointment; of IVF and fertility treatment and endless tests and invasive procedures. They've hoped so hard and now that hope has been rewarded. It is particularly poignant given that Lainie - as one would expect - is absolutely brilliant with children. If anyone ever deserved to have her own baby, she does.
So here's to Ted, and may he be the most gorgeous little bear in the whole world.