Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Christmas

I haven't had time to take any photographs. My Hippeastrum 'Emerald' (the one I bought at the RHS Christmas show) has come and gone without being recorded for posterity. The garden is full of birds squabbling over the feeders, and I'm trying to cook a Christmas Eve supper consisting of vegetarian nut loaf with a parsley, sage and thyme stuffing layer, and roast chicken, without getting the potatoes in the chicken fat, or mixing up the gravies.
However, I couldn't run the risk of going through Christmas without sending out a message of thanks to all those of you who've supported me through bad times, laughed at my awful jokes, and generally been absolutely wonderful cyber-friends since I started this blog in May.
Happy Christmas, everyone. And may 2009, despite all the gloomy prognostications, be for all of you a fabulous year.