Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Yuk, more snow

Goodness, I hate snow. Especially when I have to go to work. And especially when the trains don't work. And most especially when I am supposed to have a day off and I am enjoying watching the snowflakes flutter down outside - and I get a call saying please can I go to work instead.
This is usually because colleagues can't get in, or have burst pipes or other horrendous snow-related problems. And yes, it happened today.
The only time I like snow is when I don't have to go out in it. And even then I start fretting about not getting any exercise and putting on weight.
I'm sorry, I shall make a huge effort to stop grumbling. (Either that, or change the name of this blog to Victoria's Commute.)
So here's a picture of a snow-laden garden for you to enjoy. And as a reward for putting up with the moaning, here's a little story to show that Londoners can usually see the funny side, even in the snow. If they really try...

I was on my way to work yesterday via Victoria station. As I walked across the concourse towards the Underground, I noticed, in the middle of all the people rushing to and fro, a large husky dog.
I think it was a husky. It had those pale eyes huskies have, but it was quite a big dog and looked a bit like a beige wolf. It was curled up on the floor, with its nose on its tail and it didn't appear to be with anyone, but I assumed its owner was grabbing a snack from one of the coffee shops.
As I walked past it, a group of workmen approached in the opposite direction and also noticed the dog. "Oi, Tel," one shouted across to his mate, "didja bring the husky team in with you today?"
His friend glanced at the dog. "Nah, mate," he said, without missing a beat. "That's not mine. That's the Gatwick Express."

I don't know what made these footprints in the snow. But I don't think it was a husky.