Monday, January 25, 2010

I am going to the Malvern Spring Show

I am going to the Malvern Spring Show. If I keep saying it, it might actually happen.
I say it every year, but I've never made it. This year I am DETERMINED.
What is so great about the Malvern Spring Show, you may ask. (What IS the Malvern Spring Show, I can hear some of you muttering.) Well, it's a strange irony that most big British flower shows are held in towns. This one is held in the countryside, in the shadow of the Malvern Hills, which inspired the composer Edward Elgar, who lived and taught music in Malvern itself.
It's timed just right - early May - to be a real celebration of spring, with lots of nurseries selling irresistible flowers.
This year it celebrates its 25th anniversary, but that's not what makes it an extra-special year for me. No, this year, patientgardener and VP are organising a Spring Fling at Malvern and I want to be there to take part in this blogging extravaganza.
Unfortunately, since I work on a national newspaper, I shall be slightly hampered by the fact that the general election will probably be held on 6 May, which is also the opening day of the show. Given a choice, I'd much prefer to go on the first day, but my chances of getting either polling day or the day after off are zero to zilch. So I'm planning to go on the Saturday, to stay for a meal afterwards and, I hope, stay overnight in some wonderful B&B.
If you want to meet up with us, the details are here. Repeat after me, I'm going to the Malvern Spring Show, I'm going to the Malvern Spring Show...