Sunday, April 10, 2011

Danger: woman at work

Last time I posted about the garden, I mentioned that I was rejigging this particular bit, and maybe putting in a terracotta pot as a focal point. Well, the pot's there, but I haven't done much else.
Life being what it is, I went down with a cold in the middle of last week, so two glorious days of sunshine this weekend - a golden opportunity to get on with some gardening - has been somewhat disrupted by endless sniffling and coughing.
I've managed to get quite a lot done, but Nature has managed even more - everything seems to be racing ahead. These hostas were scarcely showing their noses above the soil a couple of weeks ago - now they're burgeoning fast.

It feels more like June than April, so it is a bit disconcerting to look around the garden and find that there are no bananas, or cannas, or eucomis in place yet. They're still sitting in the garage, or in the glasshouse at the nursery.
The great thing about blogging is that you have a good excuse to straighten your aching back and head inside to get the camera. The bad thing about blogging is that you then go round the garden with the camera and notice all the untidy bits. So you put down the camera and start deadheading or whatever.
I had this stupid fantasy that I might get a minute to sit in the sun and read a gardening magazine.

Instead, I put up these wall units which you can just see at the back of the picture. They're from Ikea. Well, at least it was furniture-related, even if I didn't get to sit down.


Zoë said...

You are right, it is just like June. I went to the allotment today and managed to get pink shoulders!

The steamer chair looks so inviting, I am not sure I would have got out of it, once I had got in though!

Get well soon x

Tomato Guy Bill said...

My apologies for the method...Love to communicate, but don't see a method. Please contact me at email address embedded.. Thanks.

Gardeningbren said...

sorry about the cold(((...but the wall units look great and what an idea..Not to hold books but little bird bath sculptures, wire garden decoration, a mirror perhaps..and candles...oh the possibilities...even an old used cabinet to hold your trowel and twine... Lovely idea Victoria.

James Golden said...

It is difficult to sit in one's own garden. I find it almost impossible. Helps to have a friend over. That puts the brakes on the constant straightening up, weeding, fidgeting.

Karen - An Artist's Garden said...

It's rotten to have a cold when the world is sunny!

The pot looks sublime - I am always a big fan of empty pots - and the wall units are a great idea.


VP said...

It all looks so inviting :)

Get well soon xxx

BTW not sure about Tomato Guy - he seems to be popping up wanting to communicate with people even though it's obvious elsewhere how to do just that

Dawn/LittleGreenFingers said...

Shelves, schmelves! You need to have some reclining time.

I lay down on a hammock on Sunday. Admittedly only for three uninterrupted minutes, but it was joyous.

Blundstoned Love said...

I find it impossible to sit still in my garden.

Like you I have had a cold - actually part of a series of assorted lurgies - and have been forced to do nothing, whilst wandering around outside.

It has been like being tortured.

Which is probably as nothing compared to what the nazis down the allotment have in store for me.

themanicgardener said...

That's a lovely place to sit, Victoria; I do hope you get to use it soon.

BTW, TomatoGuyBill (no spaces) left a similar message on my blog this week. What's the deal, I wonder?


Mark and Gaz said...

How true about the good and bad bits of blogging, garden owners tend to be their own worst critic at times.

It's been such a warm spring that it's been rather disconcerting indeed, feeling all summery and yet buds are still enlarging and no cannas and bananas yet. Looking forward to what summer will bring though, I'm not complaining :)

Janet/Plantaliscious said...

I don't have any empty pots, in fact I am sadly lacking in focal points of any kind. Something to ponder. Yours is lovely. Sorry about your cold. Its back to April here, which makes my bad back and too much work slightly more bearable, but only just. Re sitting and reading in the garden, I always find myself staring around at the borders, re-planning, mentally tweaking, or then leaping up and dead-heading or even planting. Not at all restful, but fun. Actual rest only seems to happen outside if I am with others who are talking to me and plying me with alcohol...

Chris said...

The weather sure is fickle! One minute sunburn, the next get the mitts out! Springs folly I guess! You are so right about the blogging though. Does it aid our gardening or does it hinder it? I like to think both, it certainly adds another layer of activity!
Love the seating area - sitting at it, though. Fat chance!