Saturday, August 8, 2009


Emmat is coming to see my garden on Monday. Eeek!

Rob is coming to see my garden on the following Monday. Eeek!

On 30 August ( that's in four weeks time, I think) I open my garden for charity. Eeek! Eeek! Eeek!

I guess I won't have much time for blogging between now and then. However, I do promise to do you a virtual tour at some point, and reveal the new firepit area that replaced the trampoline. That is, when I've put the firepit together. Eeek!

Finally, I've had to move all my baking stuff to another cupboard (luckily I discovered this before I started on the home-baking marathon for the garden opening) because a mouse has got into it and chewed all the packets. SQUEEEEEEK!