Saturday, February 18, 2012

Miami, here we, erm, come

Well, here I am, it's ten past nine, the cab's picking us up at 10 am tomorrow and I really should be packing for my trip to Miami. In time-honoured fashion, however, I am not packing. I am faffing.
I always suffer from a sort of premature home-sickness just before I go on holiday. I'm fine once I'm on the way to the airport and never give it another thought. But for the few days before my holiday, I start feeling wistful and wonder whether it would be nicer to stay at home. Mad, or what?
This has been an interesting week in the horticultural world. My second post on changes the RHS is considering making to the judging rules regarding show gardens has just gone up on Thinkingardens, Anne Wareham's website.
The first one generated a huge response, which is fantastic because the whole aim was to start a conversation.
Thinkingardens debates all sorts of issues surrounding gardening - philosophical, social and aesthetic. You may not agree with the viewpoint of every contributor, but I guarantee that it will stimulate the little grey cells, to quote Hercule Poirot.
And that's why I'm a passionate defender of Thinkingardens - and of Anne, come to that - and that's why I volunteer to write for her.
I like - no, I love - the process of discussing ideas. As a journalist, I've spent most of my career attending daily conference, and it is astonishing how many times the germ of a concept is polished and tumbled to a shiny finish by the input and constructive criticism of colleagues.
Not everyone enjoys it, of course. Some people feel threatened if their views are questioned. Others might wish that media mosquitoes like me would just buzz off and leave them to prick out their seedlings in peace.
But I believe that without questions, there is no progress. As Albert Einstein said: "To raise new questions, new possibilities, to regard old problems from a new angle, requires creative imagination and marks real advance in science."
Wow, quotes from Agatha Christie and Albert Einstein in the same post. Whodathunkit?
I'm off to pack.


Oxonian Gardener said...

Have a lovely trip1

Lancashire rose said...

I pray that the rain will have stopped before you get there and you have wonderful sunny Florida weather. I am like you when it comes to leaving on a trip. I worry all the way int he taxi, what did I forget to do, have I forgotten something but then it's out of sight out of mind, unless I happen to rad some stuff on face book about 20" of rain falling.

Anne Wareham said...

Thank you, Victoria - for the two pieces, which cost you a lot with all else you had to be doing (or should have been doing!)and for your kind words about me and thinkingardens.

Much appreciated. XXXXX

Arabella Sock said...

You mean a mere 24 hrs before your hols and you are not packed!!!! I''m nearly having a panic attack just thinking about it! I always get horrible holiday pre-worry which invariably melts away the minute I leave my house and am off on the next adventure.

As for the RHS judging stuff - thank goodness you have snapped us out of our winter torpor with a topic of debate we can all have an opinion on.

Have a fab hols.. No doubt this debate will run and run and still be running when you get back.

Mark and Gaz said...

Have a lovely time Victoria!

Lucy said...

Hope you got there ok.

I generally get an urge to spring clean shortly before I go away. It wastes a lot of time. But, once I've shut the door behind me 'home' ceases to exist. I love the feeling of 'going away' - until I've been away about ten days . . . then I long to get back.

I'd better have another go at Anne's site. I went once and found a sort of gateway page and was daunted and puzzled and went away again without reading a thing. Now I'm a bit more used to the internet and blogs I expect I'll wonder what on earth it was I couldn't fathom.