Sunday, November 13, 2011

Miaow is for Monteverdi

My daughter's close harmony group came round to rehearse today - they are performing at a Christmas Fair at the Battersea Arts Centre tomorrow, and they have a residential choral workshop next weekend. This is them rehearsing Monteverdi's Beatus Vir, written circa 1630.

They were missing a couple of singers, so Luigi decided he would sit in for one of the altos ...

Here he is again. As you can see, he doesn't even need the music...

You can just see Mario get in on the act, on Luigi's left. He's singing second soprano.
How come they can sing so high? Well, they have just been neutered.
Joking apart, at the time that Monteverdi was composing, it was very common to see castrati singing both in operas and in sacred choral music. But I don't think Signor M. had cats in mind when he came to write his masterpieces, somehow.


VP said...

How lovely - as long as there wasn't any caterwauling ;)

Haven't they grown? It only seems like 5 minutes since you decided to have them.

WV says retry - I hope the rehearsals didn't need too much of that!

Victoria said...

VP: Very good! I was trying to think of cat puns, but of course the minute I started writing the post, they all went out of my head!

petoskystone said...

good thing you don't have siamese...they wouldn't need any prompting to 'sing'!


My how times have changed. :) Love the cat accompaniment.

Hanna at Orchid Care said...

Hi Victoria,

All joking aside, who says that cats can’t sing and therefore shouldn’t be included in harmony groups? Just take a look at this video:

By the way, a million thanks for the link.

Dobby said...

Apparently clinical tests have proven that soft, pretty music, in a classical style, calms cats. So next time they are trashing the house, put on a CD. I may well be trying it myself!

Esther Montgomery said...

So jealous. How wonderful to have such singing in one's family - in one's own home indeed!

Monteverdi's sacred music is so beautiful it tears holes in my heart. (A little less stuck on his operas.) My insides almost burst every time I hear the Beatus Vir. It never palls. I could have it on a loop.

Were you singing along? Waving your arms? It's almost impossible not to!


P.S. The WV is cootichu. A message to your cats?