Sunday, November 27, 2011

Enough with the cute cat pictures!

Only kidding! Would I seriously ever say that? I couldn't resist posting these.

This is what you might call a Basket Case Study. It proves the immutable feline law that a cat in the vicinity of a box or basket will feel an irresistible urge to jump inside. Even if there is already another cat in it.

"The Paw you will always have with you." With apologies for misquoting the Gospel of St Matthew.


Gardeningbren said...

Oh they have become such good friends ...touching photos. How I miss our Riley. Thank you.

Esther Montgomery said...

Plants which make comfortable cushions are as much an attraction.

May they continue to be friends and curl up so cosy.

College Gardener said...

So cute...That second picture actually made me "awww" out loud.

Arabella Sock said...

You can never have enough cat pictures. They are gorgeous. I have had 2 days of Spook being overwhelmingly loving since we got back from hols. Must remember to clear off and leave them more often if he is going to be so sweet on our return. It won't last. In fact it hasn't lasted because just this minute I let him out and he immediately picked a fight with a marauding new cat on the block.

I'm sure your two lovelies would never be so naughty!

Helle (Helen) said...

No need to cut down on those cute pictures for my sake :-) - it is such fun to have young cats in the house. They really are sweet little boys.

petoskystone said...

Lovely! Interesting to see who is developing into the more dominant boy.

Zoë said...


Thimbles Woods said...

My brother and sister Burmese X Abyssinians slept like that for 19 years. Sadly we lost Oscar in May and Wilma still does not know what to do with herself apart from MIAOW!!!
She shows no sign of slowing down and acting her age. Latest conquest a spaniel and a whippet cross passing down HER track unaware that killer cat was on the warpath!They look both ways whenever they pass by now!
Wishing your two a long and happy